Top Tourist Attractions you should Visit in your Vancouver Trip


Vancouver is a city that is each cosmopolitan and outdoorsy at the same time. The town presents the ideal combination of scenic beauty, delicious worldwide cuisines, exquisite shopping, state-of-the-art artwork, and modern architecture. It let the visitors get closer to the activities of hiking, skiing, fishing, and boating. If you plan to visit Vancouver for the first time, this is an excellent blog to read out right now!

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden

Vancouver’s Chinatown is home to the first Ming Dynasty-style backyard constructed outside of China, with 52 craftsmen coming from Suzhou, China, to ensure the authenticity of the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Named in honor of the Republic of China’s first president, the garden takes site visitors back to 15th century China, even though it used to be constructed just in the mid-1980s. The garden’s rocks that have been imported from Suzhou, plants, water, and structure mixture into an oasis of serenity in this bustling city.

Robson Street

Just as New York has its Madison Avenue and London has its Knightsbridge, Vancouver has Robson Street, the best buying district in British Colombia. Named after a provincial premier, Robson Street has been attracting customers like honey attracts flies on account that the late 1800s. Robson Street has amazing and elegant retail outlets and upscale boutiques. It additionally gives artwork galleries and informal and satisfactory eating in a range of ethnic cuisines. Street performers come out at night to entertain customers or people-watchers who sip espresso at a sidewalk café.

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Museum of Anthropology at UBC

The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia is a must-see for anybody who desires to analyze more about native peoples of the world and British Columbia’s Northcoast Indians who are recognized as First Nations. Founded in 1949, the museum homes 38,000 ethnological objects and around 500,000 archaeological objects. Besides being a public museum, the Museum of Anthropology is Canada’s most excellent learning museum overlooking the sea and mountains.

Canada Place

Canada Place is a hanging landmark on Vancouver’s skyline, with fabric-covered roof peaks that resemble sails. The facility itself is colorful with the shades representing the range discovered in Canada. Canada Place used to be constructed in 1927 to serve the Canadian Pacific Railway and different merchants transport items by using sea throughout the Pacific Ocean. Today, the multipurpose facility sends passengers on cruises to Alaska. It additionally is home to the Vancouver World Trade and Convention Center and a vital hotel.

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain these days is one of the most popular travel points of interest in Vancouver, with trekking in the summertime and incredible skiing in the winter. The hotel additionally boasts a flora and fauna refuge, entire with bears, wolves, and interpretive programs. Equally exciting is a lumberjack display where site visitors can watch lumberjacks competitively chop, noticed, and roll logs.