Tree Lopping – To Protect Your Tree From Early Decay

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Trees in property offer oodles of benefits to a property, be it a residential or commercial property.

In a residential property, trees offer a calm and pleasing curb appeal. It also increases the overall resale value of the property as dwellers can enjoy the pleasant breeze from outside cutting down the electricity bill greatly. Especially during the summer months, when everybody wants to escape the heat.

Loppers are a type of scissors used for pruning twigs and small branches, like pruning shears with very long handles. They are the largest type of manual garden cutting tool.

They are usually operated with two hands, and with handles typically between 30 centimetres (12 in) and 91 centimetres (36 in) long to give good leverage. Some have telescopic handles which can be extended to a length of two metres, in order to increase leverage and to reach high branches on a tree. Loppers are mainly used for the pruning of tree branches with diameters less than 5 centimetres (2 in). Some of the newer lopper designs have a gear or compound lever system which increases the force applied to the blades, or a ratchet drive.

The main distinction among loppers is between bypass and anvil types. Bypass loppers operate like scissors, except that they generally only have one blade that moves past a jaw or hook that has an approximately square edge that is not typically sharpened and is usually concave or hook shaped in order keep branches from slipping out of the jaws. The jaws of bypass loppers may be straight, curved, or one curved with one straight. Anvil loppers have a single sharpened blade, with a straight or sometimes curved edge, that closes against a similarly contoured flat anvil like surface on the other side of the jaws, usually made of a softer metal than the blade.

Anvil loppers have the disadvantage of tending to crush rather than cut, sometimes leaving an untidy wound, more vulnerable to infection. Their main advantages are of relative strength and of being less likely to jam with fibrous material. Very hard or resilient branches can sometimes deflect a bypass lopper so that material either binds between the blades or even levers them apart, which can be dangerous both to the tool and the operator.

Both types of lopper generally have a sprung adjusting screw at the fulcrum, which can be used to tighten the blades as they loosen in use. With bypass loppers, it is also useful for releasing material jamming the blades. Anvil loppers usually have a screw for adjusting or detaching the plate, so that it can be moved to compensate for wear or replaced entirely.


For commercial purpose, it has the capacity to regulate the temperature of a building by offering shade.

It also restricts air pollution to a greater extend refreshing the environment drastically. Employees working outside in the scorching heat can take shelter under the tree in their break time.

As you can see there are a number of factors that make the trees the best thing that one can ever have, it is your responsibility to keep it in the greatest shape possible. This means one needs to prune and trim them to maintain their majestic appearance. Opt for a professional tree lopping in Lake Macquarie for proper maintenance of the plants in your premises.

Tree lopping is the process of vertical cuts to remove any side branches be it small or big. One can also mix it with topping where the crown of the plant is cut short in order to control its growth and keeping it healthy. If a particular plant poses a threat to the property or the people, it is better to get rid of the part and not cut down the entirely.

You should be calling for expert help while performing tree lopping as you will be unaware of the sections removing which will give good health and which are essential parts of a plant. A professional arborist will be knowing everything about the plant and accordingly get rid of any branches that have advanced the borders and let itself out upon the rooftop. These situations also give rise to debris in the gutters restricting the normal flow of water during the rainy seasons.

Tree lopping can solve problems like:

Fighting decay due to unknowledgeable cutting of branches that gives rise to premature weakening of particular branches.
Starvation due to the majestic upbringing that requires more food and water.
Durability, lessening the possibility of death.

For proper health of the tress in your yard, it is important that you hire professional tree lopping experts in Lake Macquarie and offer good health to the trees.

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