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Present day modern farmhouse designing is embedded from rustic country charm sprinkled with warm minimalism and industrial elements. This unique blend of themes creates aura of simplicity and comfort. 7WD has it’s own unique style in Farm House designing .with the help of 7WD tips you can add warmth, personality and minimalistic character to your Farm House interiors.

A farmhouse is a building that serves as the primary residence in a rural or agricultural setting. Historically, farmhouses were often combined with space for animals called a housebarn. Other farmhouses may be connected to one or more barns, built to form a courtyard, or with each farm building separate from each other.

Canadian farmhouses were influenced by European settlers. In Quebec, the style varied from Gothic to Swiss, with the kitchen being the most important room in the house. In Ontario, the farmhouses of the late 19th century were of Victorian influence. Earlier ones used clapboard and later variations had brick. Many had front porches. In the west, dwellings varied from single-story wooden homesteads to straw huts. Wooden houses were built later as railroads brought wood from the Rockies (Alberta, British Columbia). By the early 1900s houses could be purchased as kits from several Canadian and American companies. Canadian homes often differ from their American counterparts in that the porch was often enclosed.

From 1850 onward many featured vernacular interpretations of the more formal architectural styles, such as Greek Revival, Italianate, Carpenter Gothic, and Queen Anne.

American farmhouses had a straightforward construction designed to function amidst a working farm in a rural setting. They had a simple rectangular floor plan, usually built with local materials, and included a dominant centrally-located fireplace for cooking and heating.


Décor : Farm house interior is all about energetic fusion of old and new style for creating comfortable and peaceful space .You can create your own interesting interior style By using decorative add-ons ,wooden antics and heirloom .

Materials: You can highlight sophisticated modern Farm House interior by simply using organic and natural material or to create casual cool every day glamor use matte finish and low shine material.

Colors: Skip traditional sage green and buttermilk yellow and use neutral palette which will give fresh and crisp look to your farm house.

Use Natural Fibers: Farm House designing is all about bringing outdoor into interior.

Make maximum use of wood ,linen and hemp fabrication and finish .7WD will suggest you to avoid use of plastic and anything overtly unnatural.

Use Unique Fixtures: create outstanding modern farmhouse design by simply using oversized pendant lights rustic sconces and dramatic light fixtures .

Mix and match furniture: Next step is to concentrate on furniture .Here you should follow traditional way of designing use as much as wooden furniture for your interiors. You can give modern twist to your traditional furniture by adding plush couches, comfy accent chairs and cushioned bar stools. You can also add warmth and comfort in your design by simply using pillows and blankets in your design.

Farm house’s modern kitchen: Farm house kitchen should be designed fully functional style. It should be free of clutter and always chic. Use marble counter top with large sink and wooden floor to create a balance between rustic warmth and industrial simplicity.

Add industrial elements : Last step of designing is purely decorative .7WD will strongly suggest you to use industrial-inspired decorative pieces like hanging barn doors, wooden mantles and iron-inspired light fixture they are in trend now so they are perfect for finish your farmhouse look .

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