Water bills to be automatically reduced by 3%

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The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) announced on Monday that it would automatically reduce water bills by 3 per cent for all types of users in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakarn provinces for three months in a bid to lower the cost of living in this Covid-19 situation.

“The campaign will start in May and continue through to July, during which users will see the ‘Covid-19 discount’ notification on their water bills,” the announcement said. “There is no need to register to get the discount, it will be automatically granted to all users.”

The MWA has also organised a campaign to return water meter deposits to users who register on its website from May 1. The campaign is available for water users in other provinces as well, with Provincial Waterworks Authorities having opened registration to give water meter deposits back since April 15.

For further information, contact the MWA call centre at 1152, or its official Line account @MWAthailand.