What Makes Pizza The Most Delicious Meal You Have Ever Tasted?

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Before we begin to discuss pizzas, we need to go back to its origin- the Naples where flatbread topped with cheese, tomatoes, and garlic were immensely popular because it was relatively cheap and convenient. It was a food for the commoners of Italy, who could seldom afford a good meal. However, the entire scenario changed when the royals visited Naples and ordered a variety of pizzas with all kinds of toppings. Eventually, pizzas traveled all the way to the United States through immigrants who carried their pizzas with them.

Today pizzas are baked in more than hundreds of different styles and tastes all around the world. Different countries cook their pizzas in different ways with an array of toppings and flavors.

Pizza is a savory dish of Italian origin consisting of a usually round, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and often various other ingredients (such as anchovies, mushrooms, onions, olives, pineapple, meat, etc.) which is then baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven. A small pizza is sometimes called a pizzetta. A person who makes pizza is known as a pizzaiolo.

In Italy, pizza served in formal settings, such as at a restaurant, is presented unsliced, and is eaten with the use of a knife and fork. In casual settings, however, it is cut into wedges to be eaten while held in the hand.

The term pizza was first recorded in the 10th century in a Latin manuscript from the Southern Italian town of Gaeta in Lazio, on the border with Campania. Modern pizza was invented in Naples, and the dish and its variants have since become popular in many countries.[5] It has become one of the most popular foods in the world and a common fast food item in Europe and North America, available at pizzerias (restaurants specializing in pizza), restaurants offering Mediterranean cuisine, and via pizza delivery. Many companies sell ready-baked frozen pizzas to be reheated in an ordinary home oven.

The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (lit. True Neapolitan Pizza Association) is a non-profit organization founded in 1984 with headquarters in Naples that aims to promote traditional Neapolitan pizza. In 2009, upon Italy’s request, Neapolitan pizza was registered with the European Union as a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed dish, and in 2017 the art of its making was included on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.


Have you ever wondered how this simple meal became the most popular and loved dish across the world? Allow us to explain why pizzas in Aspen, CO, are considered the best food in the world. Ever since it was first discovered by the Greeks and then improvised by the Italians, pizzas have evolved greatly.


Perhaps the only meal that can be easily personalized according to your taste and desires is pizza. In other words-there is a pizza for everyone out there. Are you a vegan? Alternatively, an ardent meat lover? We have all kinds of pizzas to satisfy your hunger and your palates. You have the thin crust, deep-pan, Roman, and New York pizza- the list in inexhaustible. With an amazing assortment of toppings, you can decide what kind of pizza you want for your lunch or dinner. Pizzas with tomatoes, olives, zucchini, red bell pepper, sausages, potatoes, and spinach are simply delicious.

Healthy and flavorsome

There is no denying, the whole world is gripped by the amazing flavors of pizza ever since the Italians first cooked this simple meal. It is no longer simple; you can twist and turn its flavors with all sorts of toppings- sweet and spicy. The sky is the limit when it comes to imagining the kind of toppings you would want on your favorite pizza. What more-it is healthy too! Pizzas are topped with tomatoes and olives that are rich in Lycopene and antioxidants, which makes them healthy for anytime of the day. It is also one of those few dishes, where you can add all sorts of condiments such as blue cheese, mayo, red or white sauce, and still have a deliciously tasty snack.

Loved and appreciated globally

Well, that is a big fact. After all, what is there not to love about pizza? It is cheesy, rich in flavor, and topped with veggies and meat. Drenched in your favorite sauce, you can order your pizza anyway; which is one reason why people all around the world love these triangular shaped slices. No matter what your occasion is-pizza in Aspen, CO, saves the day with its mind-blowing flavors and lip smacking taste. It literally fills your stomach and your soul!

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