Which Countries are Offering Free Education to International Students?

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There is no doubt that every student’s dream is to get enriched with the free education services on the international in the top known university centers. According to some of the people getting yourself studied on the international level does require spending such a considerable sum of money. But at the same time, they do not know the fact that there are some of the countries where the students are blessed with free educational services as well. To make your search task more manageable, here we will be sharing the list of famous and top 5 countries offering free education to international students.

  1. Finland:

It has been investigated out that Finland has not been charging with any of the tuition fees for any level of education or any nationality. But since 2017, it has started with the charging tuition fee from non-EU/EEA students for the English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.


  1. Austria:

On the 4th spot, let’s bring you with the name of Austria! This country has not been charging with the tuition fee for the EU/EEA. But still, the non-EU/EEA students will have to pay a nominal tuition fee of around €730 per semester. Their quality of education and lifestyle is excellent to experience in your educational life.


  1. Sweden:

Sweden is the 3rd most famous country that is offering free education to international students. But universities of Sweden are involved in charging for the application and tuition fee from non-members of EU, EEA, and Nordic countries for graduate and postgraduate programs. They do offer the Ph.D. positions free of cost, and you will be able to get a monthly salary.


  1. Norway:

It is to be highlighted that the Graduate, postgraduate and doctorate level programs in Norway are free of cost as regardless in view with your nationality.


But to get free education, there is one requirement. You should be proficient in Norwegian, as in view with most undergraduate courses are taught in this language. You should be careful in this aspect as they do ask for proof of proficiency in the language.

  1. Germany

On the last and top, we have the name of Germany without any doubt! As we do talk about higher education with the minimal cost of tuition fee charges, then Germany is always the first option for you. The public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees at all. However, the nominal university administration fee of €150-250 is placed on the charging.


So, which one of these countries will you choose for free education?