Wife and two children of man who died of Covid-19 test positive

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The wife and two children of a man who died after being infected by the new coronavirus, have tested positive for Covid-19.

The 45-year male, who worked at an entertainment venue in Sukhumvit and suffered from diabetes and obesity, was the third death from Covid-19 in Thailand. The family had performed a cremation ceremony for the deceased on March 25.

Press had speculated earlier that the family of the deceased — his 39-year-old wife, 14-year-old daughter, and 13-year-old son — might be infected with Covid-19.

The daughter said she believed that they got infected when her father underwent quarantine at home.

“Initially, my father went to take a Covid-19 examination because he was in a risk group, but the Department of Disease Control did not allow him, so he came back to undergo self-quarantine at home,” she said.

“Later, my father’s symptoms became more severe, so he went to take a Covid-19 examination and it was positive. He was hospitalised for 10 days before he died.”

She said that before she knew the test results, none of them had any symptoms. There was no fever, just some coughing.

“Now, my mother and younger brother are hospitalised. The doctor said that he would give them an antiviral drug, but it may cause side-effects, such as vomiting and the heart will beat faster than normal,” she said

“My mother, younger brother and I have allergy. Meanwhile, the three of us do not know if we have heart disease or diabetes inherited in our family because we have not checked for these diseases before.”

She added that they felt very anxious and stressed because they were worried the side-effects of this drug may cause death.

“Our family is currently deciding whether to use the antiviral drug or not, while we may need to consult a doctor to see if there are other drugs that have fewer side-effects,” she added.