With 33 more Covid-19 cases, situation in Thailand stable

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(Update) Thailand’s total number of Covid-19 patients rose to 2,733 with 33 new cases confirmed over a 24-hour period, and no deaths, Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin, spokesman of the government’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, said on Saturday (April 18).

The number of fatalities is 47, while 1,787 patients have recovered and returned to their homes while 899 are undergoing treatment in hospitals.

Saturday’s new cases offered more proof that the Covid-19 curve in Thailand might be flattening.

On April 9 there were 54 new cases, 50 on April 10, 45 on April 11, 33 on April 12, 28 on April 13, 34 on April 14, 30 on April 15, 29 on April 16 and 28 on April 17.

Of the 33 new patients, 11 had contact with former cases, two had returned from foreign countries, one had contact with a foreign returnee, two had visited places of public gathering, four are in high-risk careers and lived in high-risk areas, one is a medical personnel, 10 were waiting to be investigated for source of the infection, and two were in quarantine.

Thirty of them have been treated in Bangkok, two in Krabi, and one in Nonthaburi province.

Presently, the most Covid-19 patients have been treated in Bangkok (1,401), followed by Phuket (192), Nonthaburi (150), Samut Prakan (108), Yala (99), Pattani (87), Chonburi (81), Songkhla (56), Chiang Mai (40), and Pathum Thani (33).

Meanwhile, there are no cases in Kamphaeng Phet, Chai Nat, Trat, Nan, Bueng Kan, Phichit, Ranong, Sing Buri and Ang Thong provinces.

“The emergency decree, in addition, has had a huge impact on road accidents during Songkran Festival,” he added.

Total injuries from road accidents in 2020, during April 10 to 16, were 9,764, down sharply from 30,212 in 2019 (April 11 to 17) and 20,993 in 2018 (April 11 to 17).

The number of persons admitted to hospitals this month were 1,711, down from 5,033 in 2019 and 4,761 in 2018.

Fatalities on the road were 150 this year, while in 2019 it was 517 and 487 in 2018.

Of those arrested for drunk driving, 1,235 were 20 years and older (8,398 in 2019 and 7,918 in 2018) while 92 were under 20 (1,460 in 2019 and 1,479 in 2018).